Protective Services Executive Development –  To provide the right leadership for today and tomorrow

In the context of leadership, ethics, wellbeing, relationships, media and learning outcomes required in policing today, it is without a doubt a complex and emotional challenge for all concerned.

Working with leaders within protective services nationally for over 20 years, we have recognised these complexities and have developed various strategic leadership and development programmes, specific to the requirements of all senior leaders within protective services including policing, The OPCC’s office, Fire and Rescue, NHS and partnership agencies .

Our strategic leadership and management development programmes, include:

IMPACT Executive Programme for Senior Leaders

– IMPACT Middle Managers Development Programme

– Executive Coaching

The development of talented senior indivduals has become an imperative in supporting the complex and fast-moving pace of modern protective services in the UK.

As with the private and voluntary sectors, public services are confronting an ever-growing range of challenges and “wicked problems”. These must be responded to in the full glare of the media and therefore the public spotlight and for the emergency services, this is now on a truly global scale.

Our programme has been developed by leadership representatives from a range of civil organisations, community, education, business as well as senior police advocates and leaders.

Strategic leadership and management is a complex activity and the more senior you become the more difficult and diverse are the challenges. The public requires its senior executives to be able to think on many different levels and about many different things, often more than one at a time. Society is changing around us, often in ways we cannot see or anticipate.

It is with the above in mind that we have developed the executive development programme for senior leaders.

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