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A 360 degree appraisal collects the views of staff who work for you and staff for whom you provide a service. The format of our appraisal is based on an on-line form where reviewees are afforded anonymity whilst reviewing the reviewee. We measure your performance against 6 criteria detailed below with a view to helping you to understand your strengths and weaknesses when working with the individuals around you. For the process to be beneficial we aim to get at least 6 Reviewers to comment on the Reviewee. Verbatim comments can be provided during the process to help you to understand the perspective of the Reviewers.

Good Leaders never stop learning. They are curious!

Leaders who make a difference continually update their skills. What can sometimes make it more difficult is that learning in a leadership role can be more ‘stretching’ than in previous roles. On the way up your skills may have been more technical, more project driven, more individually targeted. When you become a leader and have responsibility for others, the skills that you have used every day for yourself begin to change.

It goes from ‘doing’ the work, to planning it, leading it and empowering and managing the people who do it.

To learn as a leader requires a significant commitment to think and work differently. To avoid the stagnating thinking trap of doing ‘what you’ve always done’ by choreographing your thought streams and pushing the boundaries of your knowledge.


Leaders embody the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that allow others to fulfil their potential. Leaders exist anywhere in the organisation.  Authority, role or status does not confer leadership, although they confer management position. Leaders must also effectively navigate greater ambiguity and paradox, be able to change quickly, with flexibility as well as agility, and engage with internal and external stakeholders in a more collaborative way.  They are individuals who are able to offer:

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We assure the anonymity of all involved, the reviewees comments and opinions will NOT be visible to the reviewer or appointed contact, only the results will be supplied.