IMPACT Executive Development for Senior Leaders in Protective Services – September 2024

Earlier this year we decided to reinvigorate our well established “Horizons” Senior Development programme to our newly re branded “IMPACT” Senior Leader programme for Protective Services.

We have done this based on the feedback from our delegates who tell us that the biggest mystery of life is to discover who we truly are, and that our programme has inspired them to the understand their own Asset Value
– to themselves, their family, their teams and their organisation.

This century brings with it an opportunity to create a new era of personal and business thinking, based on the simple premise that the future is not what it used to be. Everywhere we look, we see how corporate imagination has become totally utilised in survival through mistake avoidance and problem solving.

Strategic impact creates a community of purpose where people enjoy work, where they utilise their talents to best effect because they want to, and
where they are recognised and rewarded for the genuine contributions they make. It is the prerequisite of success where our people are our only unique currency.

Our IMPACT leaders realise the importance of first finding and then releasing their true potential, and they follow a simple formula for success:
1. Know where they want to go – dream bigger
dreams, and know when and where they have
been achieved
2. Know where they are now – take full ownership
of their life and be honest about where they are
3. Know what they have to do, recognise that in
order to get to where they want to be means
– widening choices, making true decisions and
focusing on success
4. Just DO IT! – with persistent action – persistence
is incompatible with failure.

So, to any aspiring senior leader who wants to make a difference and is prepared to be challenged – come and join us in September. Please contact our team at and they will be delighted to send you the programme brochure.

Josie Payne, Guest Speaker for Amazon Apprentices at Exeter University Business School

Josie Payne, Managing Director and Lead Facilitator was asked to be a Guest Speaker with a group of Amazon Apprentices at the University of Exeter Business School this week. She covered the topics of Creativity & Innovation and Turning Simple Neuroscience into Action. It was such a refreshing change to work with a diverse group of young managers who are ambitious for themselves and their organisation, as well as having a moral compass to guide them through ‘tricky waters’. Amazon have got their recruitment right and must be proud of this group. We wish all of those attending the course good luck for their future endeavours.

Congratulations to our BPA Ltd, Associate Chief Superintendent Mark Greenhalgh who has received the Digital Forensics Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security Award

We are delighted to share with you that Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Greenhalgh, seconded from Cambridgeshire Police, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first law enforcement investigator in the United Kingdom to be awarded the prestigious Digital Forensics Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec).

DCS Greenhalgh’s groundbreaking work in digital forensics has garnered this well-deserved recognition, underscoring his substantial contributions to both the PDS and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) over the past year. His strategic leadership in advancing digital forensics practices across England and Wales has been pivotal, including the establishment of the inaugural digital forensics performance framework for all police forces in England and Wales.

In addition to his tactical leadership, DCS Greenhalgh established and chairs a digital forensics practitioner group with representatives from every Force in England and Wales, an industry partner group (with 60 digital forensic industry partners), and serves as a senior advisor on influential boards, where his expertise continues to shape the future of digital forensics.

The CIISec Fellowship represents the pinnacle of achievement within the institute’s membership tiers, reserved for recognising industry trailblazers in the information and cyber security profession.

Upon receiving the fellowship, DCS Greenhalgh, who also leads Business Change for the Digital Forensics Programme at PDS, expressed his gratitude: “Being the first from UK law enforcement investigations to be named a Fellow at CIISEC is both an extraordinary privilege and a profound honour. The unwavering support of my exceptional team and the wider digital forensic community has been pivotal in reaching this milestone.”

Ian Bell, CEO of PDS, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Mark’s pivotal role at PDS has been marked by significant achievements, including spearheading the strategy for the National Digital Forensic Programme to enhance frontline policing in a complex environment. His expertise and unwavering commitment have been invaluable to PDS and the broader policing community. We are fortunate to have such a transformative leader working for PDS on behalf of policing.”

Amanda Finch, CEO of CIISec, said: “Law enforcement plays such a vital role in protecting UK businesses and the public from cyber threats, which we’re keen to recognise. Mark’s skills, experience and dedication to driving digital forensics forwards made him an ideal candidate for Fellowship. His invaluable insights from the front lines will benefit both our membership and the entire cybersecurity community.”


Cambridgeshire Constabulary Cultural and Leadership Programme for Chief Inspectors and Police Staff equivalent Awards Cermony

Bruck Payne Associates were privileged to attend the Institute Accredited awards ceremony on the 16th April, recognising the Cultural and Leadership Development programme which BPA have facilitated over the last 18 months. The programme was specifically designed for the development of Chief Inspectors and Police Staff equivalent at Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

These talented individuals were recognised by the Chief Officer Team and all delegates received their accredited certificates from the Institute, which were presented by Chief Constable Nick Dean.

Chief Constable Dean and his Senior Leadership Team recognised the significance of identifying talent and succession planning from the middle manager level, investing in their leaders for the future of the constabulary.

We look forward to continuing this work in the next stages of their development process when we shortly commence the Futures CPD programme in June 2024.

Artemis and Apollo Meeting 28th March with speaker David Wrigley, Digital Workplace Owner at SSE

We were delighted to welcome David Wrigley as our speaker to the March meeting at our Artemis and Apollo Executive Mentoring group.

David provided a very insightful presentation on where Artificial Intelligence is right now and the exciting opportunities that will be available very soon to us to use within our own organisations and teams. David provided a particular focus on how we will be able to use AI in our marketing and advertising.

As always David has opened our eyes to the possibilities of the future and how we can maximise and enhance our systems and productivity whilst still considering the ethical perspectives of making these decisions.

2023 King Charles III Coronation Medal for Associate Mark Greenhalgh

We are delighted to announce that our associate Mark Greenhalgh has been awarded the 2023 King Charles III Coronation medal for being part of the frontline emergency services.

This medal has been awarded to approximately 500,000 people including to everyone involved with the coronation ceremony on 6th May, serving members of the Armed Forces, Frontline Emergency and Prison Services personnel that have completed five full calendar years of service. Members of the Royal Household and recipients of the George Cross and Victoria Cross.

Congratulations Mark.

“Horizons” Senior Development Leadership Programme – April 2024 Enrolment is now open

Enrolment for the Horizons senior development programme starting in April 2024 is now available.

Are you a talented senior manager in policing, emergency services or partnerships agencies, looking to develop yourself to achieve your next career step or to broaden your strategic outlook or prepare for an assessment process within your organisation?

The “Horizons” senior development programme is designed to help you to identify your professional development areas. Building upon and understanding how you can create the most impact in your organisation both strategically and with the people your are influencing.

Our past delegates say it best…….

Vaughan Lukey, Chief Superintendent at Kent Police: Horizons Delegate 2023

“Policing Horizons is an excellent opportunity to enhance how you think and lead. Whether you are seeking to progress in terms of promotion, or more laterally across your organisation, or simply to become a more effective leader in your role, this programme will provide you with the tools and support you need to be successful.The insight that you will gain, from the highest quality speakers, coupled with the cohort of colleagues you will be surrounded by, is invaluable”.

Trudi Meyrick, T/Assistant Chief Constable at South Wales Police: Delegate 2023

I highly recommend the Horizons Senior Police Leadership Executive Programme for its exceptional leadership development opportunities. The programme focused on enhancing leadership skills and strategic thinking abilities, covering important topics such as ethical leadership, crisis management and effective decision-making in high-pressure situations. Throughout the programme, participants were provided with valuable tools and strategies that allowed for reflection on managing diverse teams, fostering inclusive leadership, talent development, and promoting a culture of accountability and professionalism.Participating in the Senior Police Leadership Executive Programme not only provided me with insights into best practices and implicit leadership from subject matter experts, but it further offered the invaluable opportunity to network and collaborate with other senior police leaders from across the country. These interactions facilitated the exchange of ideas, experiences, and strategies for addressing common policing challenges, leading to the formation of lasting friendships and connections.

One personal highlight of the programme was the chance to put myself in uncomfortable situations, such as presenting and briefing senior leaders, internal and external stakeholders. This experience allowed me to learn and grow from situations that didn’t always go as planned, strengthening my individual learning and development enhancing resilience and adaptability. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the next programme starting in April. The brochure confirming dates and the booking form can be accessed through our website under the programmes tab.

South Wales and Gwent Police Middle Managers Leadership Development Programme Starts on the 21st February 2024

Bruck Payne Associates are delighted to confirm that the South Wales and Gwent Police Middle Managers Leadership Development Programme starts on the 21st February with 20 Inspectors and Police Staff joining the programme.





Confronting and overcoming the challenges of 2024 and beyond

The development of our talented police and police staff is an imperative in supporting the complex and fast-moving pace of modern policing in the UK. New forms of crime, advanced technologies, and evolving relationships with communities are shifting the very foundations of police work.

Traditional organisations are struggling to adapt to the demands of a new world that has rapidly changed around them. The police challenge going forward will be to merge technology with the human element. There is arguably a need for middle manager police officers and staff to have more knowledge and experience of budgetary management, human resources, team building, resilience, wellbeing and collaboration.

Our programme has been designed to cover both management and leadership development in line with the level of Inspector or equivalent member of Police Staff. To cover the role of a leader of large teams of sergeants, constables and police staff, with responsibility for the delivery of a range of diverse policing services whilst ensuring organisational standards are upheld.

Looking forward to starting work with these talented individuals next week.



Artemis and Apollo – November 2023

Artemis and Apollo – our November session was held at the Alexandra Park Conference Centre after the Christmas celebration.  We were given a talk around AI and International and Home economic prospects for 2024 by our speaker Elena Beleska-Spasova whom has recently been made Dean of the Henley Business School.