About Us

Our Team

Josie Payne

MD BPA Ltd, Management Consultant, GC Index Practitioner, Executive Coach


Rachael Fernandez

Rachael has six years of experience within the Human Resources and Recruitment industry. This was founded in the Financial, Banking and Insurance sector and has expanded into the Hospitality, Events, Social Networking and IT markets over the years.


Tim Eddy

Tim is a former Royal Air Force Officer and front-line Pilot. During his time in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces he held multiple leadership positions and commanded high-profile combat and humanitarian operations. He has been nationally recognised for his leadership and was decorated with the Air Force Cross at Buckingham Palace.

Mark Greenhalgh (Associate)

Mark has been a Police Officer for 24 years

He has been a firearms commander for 17 years, and has been in command of close protection operations for the Royal Family / VIP and other high-risk operations. He was also an experienced Hostage & Crisis Negotiator.

His current role is seconded as Head of Business Change for the National Digital Forensics Programme to help deliver the National Digital Strategy across England & Wales.

Sue Leffers (Associate)

Sue has recently retired as Director of Shared Support Services for the Metropolitan
police. Sue has previously been Head of Workforce Development & Professional

All of our work is underpinned by 3 principles:

– It is based on evidence and research, not assertion.

– It is designed to be pragmatic and usable for leaders aiming for sustainable high performance for their organisations.

– It is characterised by a value set which has human dignity and potential at its heart.

Our customers benefit from our services and share our view on the key importance of engaging their employees through adopting good leadership and management practices.  This provides us with a truly unique network of contacts from which to draw examples of exceptional practice and ensures all of our work is truly grounded in the practical realities of today’s workplaces.