Leadership 360 Leader Workbooks

A collection of 6 Leader Workbooks based on the 6 key leadership criteria that will help leaders and managers to appraise their people in a proven, intellectual and structured way.

The workbooks provide the tools needed to effect better appraisals, whilst at the same time helping to develop the skills and potential of their people.

The workbooks are designed to make more effective leaders through:

In the area of leadership development, Josie has helped clients understand the leadership qualities required to enable them to realise their company vision, and provided coaching, facilitation and tools such as 360 appraisal to encourage and develop their leadership qualities in line with corporate values.

Josie Payne, Queens Commendation – Author and Programme Leader

This learning system can offer support on some of the following:

– Planning and delivering appraisals
– Setting realistic goals and objectives with individuals and teams
– Coaching through difficult situations and holding people to account
– Developing a new team to achieve high performance
– Taking over a well established team that needs to change
– Developing personal development plans
– Working through well being issues before they become a problem
– Developing resilience
– Having a toolkit of models and templates to use with all of the above and more.

This versatile and unique learning system also has a measurement tool in
the form of a 360 report. A great way to identify return on investment.


Nicola Faulconbridge, ACC Kent Police

“In short these books are a fantastic tool to support and develop leaders
throughout the service.
I learnt a lot working through them the first time and reflecting on how I lead,
but intend to re-visit them frequently.
These books form an invaluable guide for all ranks – wherever you are on your
leadership pathway you will gain value and insight from them. For a one off
cost they provide real value for money as they can be returned to again and
again, acting as effective aide memoirs. They can be used day to day and
should be re-visited as people move to a new post or get promoted because
their principles and practices will support progression, providing a framework
for people to reflect and revise their leadership as befits that next rank or role”.