Artemis and Apollo

“The key to successful leadership today is
influence, not authority”

Ken Blanchard

Everyone is unique and their perspectives are different, based on many vital influences such as their own life experiences, culture, learning styles, personality type and education.

Who do you trust to be yourself with?

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with cost savings, process improvement, blame, responsibility, poor behaviours and stress. Seemingly out of nowhere, business leaders are at last realising the importance of taking time for themselves
just to think, and take time out of the normal working environment to replenish their energy. For many senior business people Artemis & Apollo has become that place where everyone can be themselves, and feel that they are able to contribute their views and that these will be valued in a trusted and professional environment.

Are these some of the contradictions you might currently think about?:

  • You really do want help and advice. The fact that no one seems prepared to come off the fence and offer a solution is a source of considerable irritation.
  • Some of the advice you have been getting has been poor, with the result that recent judgements have been questioned.
  • There is no one in the organisation you trust to have the really difficult ‘wicked problem’ discussion.
  • Your top colleagues seem to keep disappointing you.
  • You’re every move is analysed. You need to be immediately available. One slip can destroy you.
  • You wonder if you are taking on too much. Are you out of your depth?
  • You find yourself less tolerant of criticism.
  • You talk to yourself more than you used to do.

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to
find someone who has already been there”

Robert Kiyosaki

Artemis & Apollo for executive women and men from private,
public and voluntary sectors, who wish to become more effective
in the way they manage and lead their organisations. All members
are individuals in senior positions who have significant experience
in business. The small groups provide the forum for experiential
learning through action learning stimulating discussion and creative
It’s important that you come along to our Taster Event on the 27th November and see
if this is just what you’ve been looking for but have found so hard to find.

Why Artemis & Apollo?

The Artemis & Apollo groups are made up of individuals in senior positions who have significant experience in business, and who are committed to continuing their professional development to the benefit of themselves and their organisations. Our
small groups provide the forum for experiential learning through action learning, stimulating discussion and creative thinking. Artemis & Apollo promotes leadership based on sound values and trust that will encourage group members to liberate their full potential and thus increase the performance of individuals, teams and the organisations for whom they work. Membership of our groups is drawn from private and public sectors, voluntary and charity sectors and consist of diverse senior job roles from financial to operations, marketing to research, strategic to human resources, and it this diversity which makes for lively discussion and different perspectives to meet the challenges we all face in business today.

Be the BEST you can be!

Leadership for middle management. Coaching and mentoring programmes to help
this important intermediate level of people become more effective in their roles and
gain improved performance from the people they manage.