“Horizons” Senior Development Leadership Programme – April 2024 Enrolment is now open

Enrolment for the Horizons senior development programme starting in April 2024 is now available.

Are you a talented senior manager in policing, emergency services or partnerships agencies, looking to develop yourself to achieve your next career step or to broaden your strategic outlook or prepare for an assessment process within your organisation?

The “Horizons” senior development programme is designed to help you to identify your professional development areas. Building upon and understanding how you can create the most impact in your organisation both strategically and with the people your are influencing.

Our past delegates say it best…….

Vaughan Lukey, Chief Superintendent at Kent Police: Horizons Delegate 2023

“Policing Horizons is an excellent opportunity to enhance how you think and lead. Whether you are seeking to progress in terms of promotion, or more laterally across your organisation, or simply to become a more effective leader in your role, this programme will provide you with the tools and support you need to be successful.The insight that you will gain, from the highest quality speakers, coupled with the cohort of colleagues you will be surrounded by, is invaluable”.

Trudi Meyrick, T/Assistant Chief Constable at South Wales Police: Delegate 2023

I highly recommend the Horizons Senior Police Leadership Executive Programme for its exceptional leadership development opportunities. The programme focused on enhancing leadership skills and strategic thinking abilities, covering important topics such as ethical leadership, crisis management and effective decision-making in high-pressure situations. Throughout the programme, participants were provided with valuable tools and strategies that allowed for reflection on managing diverse teams, fostering inclusive leadership, talent development, and promoting a culture of accountability and professionalism.Participating in the Senior Police Leadership Executive Programme not only provided me with insights into best practices and implicit leadership from subject matter experts, but it further offered the invaluable opportunity to network and collaborate with other senior police leaders from across the country. These interactions facilitated the exchange of ideas, experiences, and strategies for addressing common policing challenges, leading to the formation of lasting friendships and connections.

One personal highlight of the programme was the chance to put myself in uncomfortable situations, such as presenting and briefing senior leaders, internal and external stakeholders. This experience allowed me to learn and grow from situations that didn’t always go as planned, strengthening my individual learning and development enhancing resilience and adaptability. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the next programme starting in April. The brochure confirming dates and the booking form can be accessed through our website under the programmes tab.

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